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We manufacture and sell, premium electrical products at a very affordable price point and install them straight at your destination.

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It has always been my aim and target.

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Wherry products are designed to reach out to every person and industry out there, with high quality at affordable rates. 


Wherry Pro

Wherry pro products are designed for a perfect home. Classy products, with moderate pricing, having high lasting and quality


Black Wherry

BlackWherry products are our most premium products. Designed to fit most modern homes and represent emotion and thought

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Light 'Your' Home

Preparing a budget/estimate for an industry or home electrical system can be a pretty confusing task. Various prices, combination, and patterns can make a general person confused and ultimately one can loose the best combination and price

Not to worry, try out our new “Light ‘Your’ Initiative”, and avail the benefits of easy estimation with a good plan and combination ratio personalised for your needs.

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